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Secretariat for  HON. MR. Afgan Salmanov

Hon. Mr. Afgan Salmanov Profile Part I

Mr. Afgan Salmanov serves as a President for Azerbaijan in World Fashion Brands & Merchandising Group®, structural division of world-renowned HRD International Group, US Corporation, under World Fashion Organization umbrella.

Simultaneously serving as the Honorary Consul of Azerbaijan in six regions of Ukraine and Member of Sumy Regional Council (several convocations), Mr. Afgan Salmanov has made significant contribution to development of trade and economic, cultural and humanitarian relations between different regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Ukraine.

Mr. Afgan Salmanov, as a diplomat and public figure, was a prize winner of national program "Person of the Year - 2012", prize winner "Pearl of Sumy Region-2010" in the category "Leaders of Industry and Business", at the same time he was awarded the title "Honorary Citizen". In addition, he is a corresponding member of Engineering Academy of Ukraine.

For outstanding achievements in diplomatic mission, scientific, humanitarian and cultural activities, he has numerous state awards and distinctions from social and humanitarian organizations.

Mr. Afgan Salmanov simultaneously serves as the Honorary Consul of Azerbaijan in six regions of Ukraine that gives wide opportunities to develop global Word Fashion Brands & Merchandising Group's projects under the auspices of World Fashion Organization in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Ukraine.

Mr. Afgan Salmanov has extensive hands-on experience in different industries; he is a Head of large business structures. Experienced in work with state regulatory authorities, large teams management, formation of structure and management of enterprises as well as has excellent, practical knowledge in the field of marketing and business.

Graduated from Kharkov Engineers Institute of Municipal Economy and Kharkov National Academy of Municipal Economy.

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