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Secretariat for  HON. DR. TALAT ALIYEV

Hon. Dr. Talat Aliyev Profile Part I

Dr. Talat Aliyev serves as a President for CIS in World Fashion Brands & Merchandising Group®, structural division of world-renowned HRD International Group, US Corporation, also being an active participant of World Fashion City® projects development in Kiev, Ukraine and Baku, Azerbaijan.

Within ten consecutive years, Dr. Talat Aliyev was the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. During this period, he was a permanent representative of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Organization of Democracy and Economic Development, the Member of Intergovernmental Trade and Economic Commissions Azerbaijan-Ukraine, Azerbaijan-Moldova, Azerbaijan-Belarus. Owing to his productive work, trade and economic relations increased enormously.

Throughout his diplomatic career, Dr. Talat Aliyev made significant contribution to Azerbaijan relationships development with those countries where he was accredited and, in accordance with the developed project, made reconstruction and completed construction of Azerbaijan Government Building, constructed the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Ukraine, built and reconstructed parks, plazas and cultural objects in these countries.

Dr. Talat Aliyev was awarded the Diploma of the President of Ukraine, Order of Merit, Ukraine, Order of St. Prince Vladimir, Ukrainian Orthodox Church and many other highest awards from governmental, social and humanitarian organizations.


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