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 World Fashion Brands & Merchandizing Group's Executive Directory

Through W F O’s, patented, and state-of-the art global communication technology, you can reach World Fashion Brands & Merchandising Goup's offices worldwide as following;

Dr. David Lee, President & CEO

Dr. Volodymyr Zaplatynskyi, Chairman

 Mr. Chen Zhongwei, Chairman of the Board of Directors

 Mr. Andres Aquino, Group President for World Fashion Event International

Ms. Carol Wallbank, Group President for World Fashion Trade

 Mr. Alexander Sachkov, President for World Fashion Resort Group

 Mr. Hamdan Mohamed, Group President for Middle East

 Mr. Mykola Tovkach, President for Eastern Europe

 Dr. Talat Aliyev, President for CIS

 Ms. Marina Parkhomenko, Senior Director also serving as Chief Adviser to WFBM Chairman

 Mr. Saquib Sohali, Vice President for Education

 Mr. Vitaly Pruss, Group President for International Cooperation

 Mr. Michalis Zavos, Group President for Property Services

 Mr. Frank Verspoor, Vice Chairman for World Fashion T.V, and Media

 Mr. Dietmar Goetz, Group President for World Fashion T.V. and Media

 Ms. Karine Melissa, President for the U.S.A

 Mr. Valery Kagalovskiy, Chief Specialist on Networking throughout Europe, CIS and Middle East


President & CEO, ex officio  Dr. David H. Lee

Chairman Dr. Volodymyr Zaplatynskyi

Dr. Talat Aliyev, President for CIS

VZaplatynskyi1 Talat Aliyev I

Mr. Afgan Salmanov, President for Azerbaijan

Afgan Salmanov I

*More top executives are to be announced; **Qualified Board Member of the World Fashion Council is privileged to working for the relevant job unless otherwise; ***Working Status is subject to the Terms and Conditions among parties.