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 World Fashion Brands & Merchandizing Group's Executive Directory

Through W F O’s, patented, and state-of-the art global communication technology, you can reach World Fashion Brands & Merchandising Goup's offices worldwide as following;

Mr. Hares Youssef, President for International Cooperation

 Ms. Margaret Farrell, President for Australia

 Mr. Rashid Ali, President for Gulf Arab states

 Mr. Hamid Nangialay, Senior Director for Gulf Arab states

 Mr. Armstrong Loga, President for Cameroon

 Mr. Blaz Essomba, President for Central Africa

 Ms. Elizabeth Sherri, President for Kenya

 Mr. Makoto Morishita, President for Japan

 Mr. Hasan Yesildag, President for Turkey

 Mr. Afgan Salmanov - President for Azerbaijan

 Mr. Riza Saian, President for Malaysia

 Mr. Vladimir Yarovyy, Chief Architect for Eastern Europe and CIS in WFBM Design Team

 Mr. Wolfgang Ertel, President for World Fashion T.V., and Media

 Ms. Catherine Birch, Senior Vice President for ASEAN

 Ms. Angelica Zaplatynska, Senior Director for Eastern Europe

 Mr. Rhy Surya, Vice President for ASEAN

 Mr. Coulibaly Severin, Vice President for International Cooperation

 Ms. Victoria Gordiychuk, Financial Officer

 Ms. Sachiko Umeda, Manager for WFBM Japan

President & CEO, ex officio  Dr. David H. Lee

Chairman Dr. Volodymyr Zaplatynskyi

Mr. PierCarlo Borgogelli Ottaviani, Chairman for International Cooperation Division


Mr. Afgan Salmanov, President for Azerbaijan

Afgan Salmanov I

*More top executives are to be announced; **Qualified Board Member of the World Fashion Council is privileged to working for the relevant job unless otherwise; ***Working Status is subject to the Terms and Conditions among parties.