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Chairman, ex officio  Hon. Dr. David H. Lee

Vice Chairman 1   Hon. Mr. Frank Anthony Verspoor

Vice Chairman 2   Hon. Mr. Volodymyr Zaplatynskyi

Board Members chairmanship WORLD FASHION COUNCIL

To ensure the effective functioning of WFO, the Chairmanship serves as the highest consultative body for WFO.

1. The Founder, Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer, Co-Chairmen, Vice-Chairmen, Co-Vice Chairmen, Honorary Chairmen, Honorary Vice Chairmen, Regional Chairmen and Chairmen of the Committees and special divisions constitute WFO¡¯s Chairmanship. Founder is not an elected position, however, shall have a lifetime role as specified by the World Fashion Council, being approved by the Assembly of Governors.

2. The Chairman as head of the Chairmanship shall report regularly to the World Fashion Council as well as the Assembly of Governors

3. The Chairmanship shall meet as often as necessary, and more particularly whenever an important matter has to be dealt with urgently.

4. The Chairmanship shall serve at the pleasure of the Assembly of Governors upon such terms and conditions as may be set by the Assembly of Governors.

the incumbents.

Valery Kagalovskiy I VZaplatynskyi4

Vice Chairman 3   Hon. Mr. PierCarlo Borgogelli Ottaviani

World Fashion Council VZaplatynskyi4